jeudi 3 août 2017

Why is the A+ rig is good for the DF65 Class?

Une précision (en Anglais) de Chuck LeMahieu   sur Facebook concernant le jeu de voile A+

The A+ Rig and sail were developed as a way to allow clubs with very light air venues , to improve the performance of the DF65.
They are a class legal rig that is available for racing just like the B & C rigs. Completely optional at the club level, and for the enthusiast a great way to have more fun in light air.
In regards to fairness, I guess that the same could be said for some sailing in Heavier air with a B rig while the A rig boats, struggled to tack
The changes / versions for the DragonForce 65 over the last 4 years have been primarily driven by the guys who sail the boat. These were done by Joysway and the design team to address quality issues or even issues they felt would make the boat a better racing class. I can promise you they never made one of those changes as a way to drive more sales, despite what the detractors say. The fact is, when you change a CNC mould or manufactured part it often costs way more money than it returns in sales.

With the DF65 Version 6, everyone from the factory, to development team, to the dealer network worked together to make sure we had a product that had everything our customers had always wanted in the package from the start. It is far more like the DF95 in that respect. As a guy who sells the boat directly to clubs and groups all over the USA, I can tell you I feel far more confident in selling a Version 6 knowing that it will be easier for any potential buyer to get the boat on the water, WITHOUT upgrades etc. It is a complete package! Better radio, better electronic geometry, improved hull quality, higher quality sails shipped flat, most of all a completely reworked instruction manual that makes it easier for anyone to get this boat on the water( something that was needed for years). The A+rig and sails were the #1 overwhelming most requested item by clubs and skippers worldwide. It took a lot of development and cost to add these items, but so far the response has been overwhelming!
I have made a commitment to make the DF65 and DF95 into 2 of the best one design racing classes in the USA / Worldwide. We work really hard to make sure we carry a complete , up to date inventory of parts for the boats. Unlike some distributors, I will even airship them in if necessary to make sure the folks who sail these boats have accessibility to parts.
Certainly folks have choices about which boat to choose to sail, for my part , I want to help provide a boat that sails well and gives a fun experience to for the beginner, and for the more experienced skipper, provides a great one design racing experience!